Mitsubishi Throttle Bodys


Mitsubishi Throttle Body Rebuilding


Idle Surge? RPMs Ramping up & Down? 

Full rebuild service comes with all seals, gaskets & etc. 

Prices include priority mail shipping to a US address

     Also will test your sensors for no additional charge

     1G Turbo        2G 54mm      1990

     1G NT                 

        6G 72     


Outright Prices

Stock Bore 1G Turbo $200 Shpd

Stock Bore 2G Turbo $180 Shpd

Stock Bore 1990 Turbo $200 Shpd

Stock Bore 1G NT $200 Shpd

No Paypal / Instant Purchase only through Money Grams 


Core Refunds 

1G Turbo $50

2G Turbo $35

1990 Turbo $35

1G NT $40


Sensor Prices

Revised ISC $65

Rebuilt ISC $50

1G TPS $15

2G TPS $30

1990 ISC $50

1990 TPS $50



Uber Boost Shaft Seals $20

Pass Thru FIAV Blockoff plate $20


FYI Ebay & paypal fees add 13% to the price of these TBs. 

Payments accepted: Money Order, Cash or use Walmart Money Gram for Instant Payment. 


Email me about my DSM TB Rebuilding Services

Email to:

DSM 4G63T Engine Rebuild Video recommends DSM Link for the best in engine management

To send in your DSM throttle body for any of these services send an email to supports 


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