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Professional throttle body service for the following make & models.

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I will make every attempt possible to keep suitable cores on hand but outright pricing can vary based on the price paid for the core. It will be cheaper if you can send in your core for the rebuild.


1986-87 Buick GN / Hotair GN


1st Gen Neon



Neon SRT-4

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Jeep 4.0L


Want to add some CFMs to your motor ? It's generally accepted for most cars that a CFM increase of 10% will result in a gain of between 5 and 15 HP. Results will vary for each car and combo but one constant is that the improved throttle response will increase your grin factor by 100%

On those throttle bodys having shaft seals, new replacements will often cure drivability problems. plus, by curing boost leaks, an improvement in turbo efficiency can result in further horsepower gains.

A bored throttle body is a simple install. Usually 30 minutes or less. Many cars sensors reset automatically so you may not even need a scan tool for the installation. To get the full benefit of the new TB some cars may require that you  port match the intake to the new throttle body size but an injector upgrade won't be needed. Your cars MAF or MAP sensor will compensate for the additional CFMs and adjust the fuel delivery to match. 

About me

Former Vice Director of one of Oklahoma's largest car clubs with a membership of over 150. I'm the former owner of a 1986 Buick Grand National and Grand National powered 1989 Pontiac TTA.

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Besides my interests in Turbo Buicks I also designed the simple, reliable and inexpensive DIY ALKY INJECTION SYSTEM The DIY Alky Kit, first installed on my Buick GN 20 years ago, was a forerunner to many of the current alcohol injection systems being marketed today.

When I retired from my USAF machinist job I decided to expand my hobby of machining throttle bodys for Buick GNs to include other car makes. So, with 50 years of machining background and 20 years experience machining & rebuilding throttle bodys, I believe I'm able to offer the  experience and skill required for your throttle body service. 

Feel free to contact me at stevemonroe@cox.net if I can be of service



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